Friday, March 14, 2014

Follow through Friday


The advocare cleanse has come to a close. The first time I did it I was astounded about how easy it came to me.  Me, the chocoholic, soda guzzling queen! This time it was harder.  Gretta probably had a lot to do with it too for the first 5 days.  I did not take measurements this time I only weighed in.  I can tell though that I lost some good inches off my stomach area, so all in all, struggle or not, I will call it a success. I followed through for 10 days and I am proud of me for that- even if I am celebrating with cheese! :) 

Some of you have asked me what I ate on the cleanse so I will go through a typical day:

AM: Fiber Drink, egg whites and spinach or a smoothie.
AM snack: almonds
Lunch: A salad of some sort with no calorie dressing.  Sometimes with chicken, sometimes without. 
PM snack: Apple 
Dinner: Smoothie or grilled chicken with loads of vegetables.  I prefer Squash, zucchini, and onions. 

Drinks: water, water, water!

I really didn't sway much from that menu above this time which could have also contributed to my struggles.  I could have mixed it up a bit more but I honestly was just too busy to do much else.  You are basically detoxing from sugar and carbs, dairy, and curing unhealthy cravings. 

I recommend this cleanse to anyone who is wanting to try one.  I used to do those Cayenne pepper water drink juicing gimmicks etc.  I have tried Shakeology too.  However this is the only one I have done that is gentle on my overly sensitive stomach and that actually retrains you to get back on the clean eating wagon! 

And what you are really wanting to know.... total weight loss:

8 pounds. 

Last time I lost 10, but I am not complaining!

I feel confident moving forward this cleanse is going to make my weight watchers experience that much more effective now that I have my dessertaftereverymealincludingsnacks back under control. 

Happy Friday! I am ready for a baseball filled weekend leading up to Spring break! Any exciting plans?  Love cleansing?

Next week I am going to be talking oils and I could not be more excited!


  1. way to go!!! I'm so proud of you!

  2. Yay! I love when people do so well on the cleanse. 8 is a great number! I talked Lora into the catalyst. You definitely need to check that out. It has made all the difference for me since my cleanse. Well that and some spark. I'm ready to hear about these oils everyone is talking about!

  3. Awesome!! ! I've tried Shakeology too and wasn't a fan for the same reasons.

    Mine starts on Monday!

  4. I can't wait to hear about this oiling thing -- just heard of it last week and am curious about it.


  5. I am very excited to hear about these oils everyone is talking about.


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