Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm 90 and I know it

Oklahoma's weather has been nothing short of bipolar this year.  One day it is nice, the next day it is not.  It was snowing Thursday and 74 today.  Yesterday though it was only 59.  I say only 59 because I did not wear sunscreen to softball practice.  Apparently that is just too hot for this clear skinned maiden. Sunscreen for any outdoor times over 50 I guess.

Hi! Bob the Tomato here!

I spent my weekend doing every exciting thing I could think up.  I finished Insurgent, and started Allegiant.  Cleaned the bathtub.  And took the kids to all the drama and sports practices you could imagine. Then I thought I would end the weekend real nice with a good 5.5 power walk during yesterdays practice.  You know since the most I ever go is one mile max at a time.  Let's do 5.5, no problem. My brain may have thought that was a good idea, but my hips this morning told another story.  I am officially 90 years old, I expect birthday cards promptly.  This could be my last one after all. 

I know what you are thinking:
Nope, not dead.  Just whiny. 

The Advocare 10 day cleanse is going pretty good.  It is over on Thursday and I am excited to share my results with you.  Seriously if you are on the fence about doing a cleanse of any sort- do this one.  I can not say enough good things about it.  I am ready for some cheese though :) 


  1. We had our first 50 degree day yesterday in Chicago and I wanted to run down the streets naked I was so happy! With sunscreen, of course

  2. Oh yeah- so nice out yesterday. I kept asking myself if it was real. Now it's going to snow. Whatever.

    I'm 90 as well- I fell down the stairs this morning. And I can't get up!

  3. Oklahoma weather is stupid... I love that we get all four seasons, but I hate that sometimes it happens within a day or two. Tomorrow turns back cold-ish... windows open today and yesterday to get some staleness out and I'm ready to go topless... In my jeep that is! Have a great Tuesday and make sure you take care of that burn! OUCH!

  4. I can relate, Texas weather has been a psycho bitch this year as well! :)

  5. So what can you and can you not eat while you are on it?

  6. Our Kentucky weather is stupid too! It's been 70 today and we have snow coming tomorrow night. I'm so over it!

  7. It was 70 in Colorado yesterday and snowed today, maybe the whole country is just having bi-polar weather.

    Can't wait to see your results!!

  8. I agree this weather is for the birds. 54 one day (which is hot up here) and the next 17 sure why not. LOL. Great job on the power walk momma, even if you are sore. LOL

  9. I am a total workout weiner whiner.

    Yesterday was 69 here. Today is 23.


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