Tuesday, March 18, 2014

YLEO Anxiety

I am so excited to talk about oils with you this week and how they have positively impacted me and my family.  Soon this blog will have a fabulous facelift to show them off better too! (Shout out to the best blog designer ever Hubby Jack!) I love him even though he loves the cowboys, mainly because he knows how to fix crap with string and buys me Pepsi on command.

But first a funny story.  Andrew has been a mess for the past 24 hours because he has been the only child at home.  As the baby you would think he would relish this but his way of relishing is using all the words.  Filling the air with every thought you could ever want (or not want to) imagine.

Some special ones this weekend:

"Mom, do you know why I had that big fart explosion earlier?  It was my waffles and cereal in my stomach fighting."

"I never finished that movie, I passed OU-UT before it could finish!" J- "Um, in public could you say feel asleep when you tell that story buddy?"

Hope will be back home and I am sure he will settle down, or he won't and I will have more special moments for you later this week.

Onto the oils.

I have always been interested in alternative health.  Andrew has always had sensitivity to red dye (Read: Massive vomit all of kohl's after a fruit punch gatorade was had) so it pretty much eliminates any and all cold meds ever created.  Freaking red dye 40, get out of my life!  It wasn't until I got to witness oils being used on a regular basis with some friends of mine that I decided to go to an informational class.

My friend Jen is amazing.  She answers all my silly questions and let's me pinch her husband when he shows up to work not wearing green on March 17th. Check our her blog here.  She has amazing ways to use oils that I am only beginning to learn and integrate into my every day life.

I have huge anxiety issues.  Pretty much my anxiety stays at an 11 on a scale from 1-10 on a GOOD day.  I need people to be on my level without me asking at all times.  Jeremy is usually the lucky one that gets to experience the brunt end of that.  I am not here to tell you that oiling has cured me and I am an anxiety-less woman.  However, My high level is now at a 5 at bad moments and a 2 the rest of the day.  I find myself losing my temper less and thinking before reacting in situations more.

I use these oils topically every day and diffuse them at night.

I did my research on oil companies and I chose Young Living Essential Oils for 2 reasons:

1. You can't die by over dose
2. You can't use them wrong. 

I get to pick if I rub them, drink them, swallow, or diffuse them.  There is no wrong way to do it!

Controlling my anxiety is just part of what oils have offered me health wise.  I can not wait to tell you about how I felt like Katniss after I cut myself shaving tomorrow and about how I have gone from 4 excedrin migraine pills a day to maybe 2 a week!

Any breakfast fights causing you to have fart explosions? Interested in trying out oils? Questions?  I would love to answer them or help you get control of your health naturally!


  1. I've been thinking about trying out oils for awhile now. I have serious anxiety and am on a few medicines to help, but I would rather not be. How long have you been using them? I can't wait to hear more about them!

  2. Thank you for doing a post on the oils. I have been wondering for awhile. I am excited to try these out!

  3. I really need to look into these, my crazy self could use them!


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